For best long-term results on any organization service, we recommend our clients be involved with us on each project we undertake, and bring an open and coachable disposition to make the most of our time together! 

Must book a minimum of three hours per session, and up to six hours per day. Areas of service and support:

Residential Organization

  • CLOTHING: Are your closets jam-packed and stuffy? Are you frustrated or uninspired by your wardrobe? We'll help you declutter and reassess your clothing ownership, from socks and scarves to coats and cocktail dresses. Hit the refresh button on your closets and dressers with our services; we'll help you sort, discard, and donate the things you don't want, and teach you how to fold and hang your clothes for long-term organization. 
  • BOOKS/PAPERWORK: We'll help you sort and safely dispose of the excess paperwork that can quickly take over our work and office spaces, causing overwhelm and fueling procrastination. We implement a customized workflow management system for small businesses and home offices to help stop clutter before it happens.
  • FOOD STORAGE: Messy fridge? Expired foods? Multiple items of the same, because you forgot what you already had? These are all common pain points in the heart of our homes, the kitchen! We'll get you decluttered and tidied in kitchen and cooking area, then setting you up with a simple, easy-to-see organization plan for your cabinets, pantry, and even refrigerator. 

Commercial Organization 

  • FILE ORGANIZING: This is a great service for the small business owner or home office! Let Urban Order set you up the right way to ensure efficiency and ease in your daily paperwork and transactions. With many years of administrative experience paired with our organizing services, we'll set you up with an easy-to-use, tax-preparation-friendly filing system that will stand the test of time. 
  • WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT: Does it seem like no matter what you do or what you try to implement, your desk is a mess all the time? We'll implement some shifts in your workspace to make your daily tasks feel seamless and all your items be visible, accessible, and easy to store. 

Real Estate Staging Organization 

  • Cluttered homes don't sell well. We'll help you minimize and harmonize your home with your existing possessions to get you sale-ready! We won't sell you on furniture pieces you need or trendy paint colors; our services are focused on helping you release the clutter and stuck energy in your home, making it more open and inviting for ideal buyers. 

Downsizing Assistance | Garage Sale Coordination

  • Rising real estate costs and a denser urban fabric has much of Austin shifting towards more compact living. We're here to help  you embrace the change and start fresh in your new space. From furniture consignment/reselling to garage sale coordination, we're here to help you lessen the burden of transitioning from a large space to a smaller one.