Urban Order’s 5 Step System to a Tidied Space

Develop positive habits and consistency for long-term tidiness and harmonious living.

Free your space, free your mind. The work we’ll do together is just as much about freeing up your physical spaces as it is clearing out some of the inner patterns that frequently causes clutter, or let us lean into clutter as a source of refuge. We’ll dig into the patterns or habits that have caused clutter for you in the past, and put tailored systems in place in order to make our work effective and long lasting.

Create and maintain harmony in your spaces and the things you possess within them.

I will teach you how to efficiently evaluate and sort through your possessions in a way that enhances your awareness and connectedness to your space(s). By selecting and paring down your things, we will lessen your material burden and create a consistent pattern of usability and function.

Express total gratitude and appreciation for the physical space you surround yourself in.

When you come from a place of gratitude, everything looks and feels so different! We will add a dose of mindfulness and gratitude to our work together, letting go of fear and uncertainty in the decluttering process, and truly appreciating the things with which you choose to surround yourself. 

Implement organizational methods that work for your life.

This is about setting up systems of supportive organization that make sense for your lifestyle. I believe that when it comes to organization, the simpler the better. Together we’ll implement systems using as much as we can from items and accessories that you currently have, and ensuring that what we put into place is realistic and truly sustainable for you.

Connect the dots between organization and impact.

There’s so much more to a tidied home than the physical result. We’ll explore the impact that your shopping habits/preferences have on your environment, and learn about how the choices made when it comes to an organized home extend beyond your doorway.