Conquer the Chaos

At Urban Order, our goal is to break free of chaotic and overwhelming spaces, making way for openness and calm. We believe that the environment we create for our personal lives, our businesses, and our creative outlets is a palpable result of our mindset and intention. By means of practical organization methods, we aim to create spaces that bring simplicity and efficiency to your life.

Mental Clarity | Balanced Living

From thoughtfully organizing spaces to eliminating unwanted stuff, you can achieve the kind of clarity that will allow you to flourish personally and professionally. More than clearing your physical space, Urban Order hopes to provide peace of mind through responsible disposal of items via donation and recycling.

Austin Based

As an Austin, Texas based company, we love to harness the spirit of the city and find ways to bring structure to whatever it is that keeps you unique. From residential decluttering to small business organization, we tailor our services to fit your lifestyle so that you can be your best self.